About TeddyTV

Teddy TV is a Norwegian, independent production company specializing in transforming complex topics into entertaining and engaging television.

Corporate Movies

Teddy offers corporate and informational movies for fairs, shows, events and meetings, external or internal use. Past custumers include Statoil, Ringnes, EXPO 2012, Matvett og NAV.


Teddy management represents people who combine professional knowledge with great communication skill and flair.

With pop-science TV successes including Siffer («Go Figure!»), Folkeopplysningen («The Public Enlightenment»),Fylla («Drunk») and Typisk Deg («Typically you»), Teddy have created prime-time entertainment from scientific knowledge.

Teddy management offers the best communicators for lectures, seminars, workshops, events or corporate movies. We guarantee they won’t implore you to «seize the day» nor «harness the power of positive thinking».